Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Zazzle - Earn by Designing!

Zazzle is an online shopping website, where one can buy or sell products. One can buy the products by creating their own products (new designs) or choose from the existing ones. On the other side it gives users an opportunity to sell the products they have designed and earn royalties.  I joined the website; I wanted to share my experience. Hence, I am writing this article.


The website allows designing the products. There are many products from accessories, clothing’s, home/office products, ornaments, etc. One can upload own pictures (non-plagiarized) with high resolutions, as the picture appears smaller when uploaded. And now one can place the picture on the product according to your choice. There is an option to add text also. Hence, one can add some text also related to the picture or occasion for which the gift is designed.
Additionally the website has feature of designing products in bulk. Just upload a picture, then select category of products you want to design or select all products option. That’s all; the image appears on all the products. Now, customize the picture, if needed and publish all at a time. One can create up to 100 products at a time. It takes up to 48 hrs for the product to get published.

Personal Store 

One can also create a store on Zazzle with your desired name. All the products you design are stored in your store. So, one can share the store or specified products on social networking sites, friends etc. When someone buys your product you gain commission. If your product is bought through your referral link you will get dual commission, commission of the product and referral commission as well.


When a product you designed is sold, you earn commission. The royalties can be earned according to your wish. Yes, the author has option to choose the percentage of royalty he desires. One can choose from 10 to 100 percentage of commission. But according to your percentage of royalty the price of the product is fixed. It means the more royalty you demand the product will be more expensive.


One can earn by referring also. If you are not interested in designing products, you can also earn by referring zazzle products. When a customer buys a product from your referral link, you can earn 15% commission.

Payment method

The payment is made through PayPal or by cheque. International users can join the website but everyone has to fill the tax information, to get payment. The minimum payout through PayPal is 50 $ and by cheque is 100$.

Info for Buyers

One can use zazzle earnings to buy products, gift certificates from zazzle can also be used, Paypal, Visa or Mastercard and American Express are also supported by Zazzle.


It is a best website for those who have passion for designing. One can join for free, start designing and also earning with ease.

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