Saturday, 23 January 2016

Top 10 ways to Earn Online

Writing could be their hobby or an activity for the leisure or necessity to recompense the financial requirements, in fact many people are earning online. We find many success stories and testimonials available on internet online earning. There are many ways to earn online. I also started my journey of earning online couple of months back. In my way of earning online, I came across these methods of earning online. I literally joined all these websites below. My interest and concern to share my pretty experience prompted me to write the following lens.

1. Writing Articles

I prefer it as the best way to earn online as it improves the writing, thinking, expressing, skills etc. There are many websites that pay for writing articles. Some of the websites pay upfront and some pay for page views. So, it is up to the author in what way he/she wants to earn for the articles.

  • Upfront payment

In this method, the author is paid only once for the article. It means the article is not paid in future, for views generated by it. If you want to know more about upfront websites, this article would be helpful

  • Page views earnings

It is a life time earning method. In this method whenever your article is viewed by someone, you are paid. It means if you get the royalties for lifetime.

  • Google adsense share

In this method the website shares the revenue generated by Google advertisements on your article page. The adsense share percentage differ with different websites; some share 50% of the revenue whereas some 90% of the revenue generated.


The other best way to earn online is by typing. But one needs to have good typing speed to earn from typing websites. I have joined Protypers and Megatypers. These are websites that pay for typing captcha’s. The typing pay rate differs for every hour from 0.50$ to 1$. It pays up to 1 $ for typing 1000 captcha’s. The payment method is PayPal and also by Cheque.

3.Uploading Photos

The easiest and interesting way to earn online is by uploading the photos owned by you. Redgage is one of the website that pays for uploading non-plagiarized photos. In this website one gets paid on per view basis, it pays 0.60 $ for 1000 views generated by the photo. The other ways to earn on Redgage are by getting feature bonus. If the moderators pick your photo they pay extra bonus to the photo apart from earnings from views, this is feature bonus.
The other way is, by uploading photos to designing website like Zazzle. Then design the products with your unique pictures and earn commission on your product sale.

4.Micro Jobs

There are websites which offer money for doing some small data entry jobs. For example-They ask you to enter the address of a person, mobile number, etc by visiting the link provided by them. The link page will provide you all details only you have to enter it in your page and submit.

5.Creating Blogs

Many people like creating blogs. Blogs are no more just a hobby or interest. Now, one can earn through blogs. To earn from blogs one has to apply for Google adsense account or chitika account.  One should allow them to display their advertisements on the blog. Start earning when visitors, clicks on the displayed advertisements on your blog.

6.Forum Discussions

It is also a best way to earn online.  There are many websites which are intended for forum discussions only. One can participate in these websites. However, to earn one must join the website, that pays for discussion. They pay you for questioning or answering questions of people in forum. They pay more for the detailed informative answers. Forum discussions obviously increase our general knowledge.

7.Clicking Advertisements

There are websites that pay for viewing/ clicking on advertisements. These are websites where you have to signup for an account and start clicking advertisements they offer you daily. There is minimum time assigned to view each advertisement like for 10 sec to 60 sec. One has to view it for the assigned time to get the amount. They offer minimum advertisements everyday and should be viewed within 24 hrs. As the website gets updated every 24 hrs. The minimum payout is 3 $. The account and your money earned are deleted if you are not active for more than 90 days.

8.Writing Reviews

Writing reviews of every product you use is good way to earn, at the same time, sharing your experience with others. The review of product you used will be certainly helpful for the people who want to buy it. And also help them to choose the right product. As many people read reviews of the products before buying any product.
One of the best website to write reviews is Review stream. In this website, one can only write reviews of products personally used. It allows the reviews of products you used only, as to disclose real-time practical experience.  It pays upfront up to 3 $ per review. The rate keeps on changing.


Surveys are also one of the ways to earn online. Giving surveys is also interesting and easy to earn online. However, try to join the legit sites that pay you promptly.


Most of the websites pay for referring people to their websites. The article writing, advertisement, reviews, websites pay you commission for referring people. Join the websites get your referral link. Start referring relatives and friends on social networking websites and start earning through your referrals. 

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